Impact of Globalization on Healthcare

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January 2024
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Globalization has a dramatic impact on healthcare systems and health outcomes. The effect of globalization on health systems and individuals is complex and has both positive and negative effects. Globalization has shown potential positive impacts by minimizing the gaps in health inequalities between rich and poor people and between the Global South and North and by improving healthcare for all. However, one example of the negative effect on global health is the spread of infectious diseases due to rapid mobility. A changing global healthcare environment requires changes in policy, healthcare institutions, key stakeholders, and digital and measurement tools. The chapters of this edited volume were contributed by established scholars representing diverse disciplines including public policy, public health, epidemiology, nursing, medicine, and other social sciences. This reprint is to be used by academics, policymakers, students in the healthcare field, and other stakeholders to promote research and advocacy for vulnerable communities that have been impacted by globalization in healthcare. It also provides examples of how technology and new tools can assist in the measurement of these phenomena.

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globalization; global South and North; vulnerable populations; healthcare; human health; workforce; chronic disease; health emergencies, COVID