Creativity, Intelligence, and Collaboration in 21st Century Education: An Interdisciplinary Challenge

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November 2023
298 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Creativity, Intelligence, and Collaboration in 21st Century Education: An Interdisciplinary Challenge that was published in

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Embark on an intellectual exploration by addressing the intricate connections between education and the defining challenges of our era in this captivating collection. "Creativity, Intelligence, and Collaboration in 21st Century Education" delves into the demands of our dynamic world, intertwining various perspectives from psychology, creativity studies, and educational sciences. Uncover the significance of 20th-century skills, explore the transformative impact of digital technology, and examine the intersection of creativity and artificial intelligence, among other lively issues that shape the educational landscape. From STEM education to the creative process of master’s students, this volume serves as a guiding beacon for researchers, educators, policymakers, and inquisitive minds interested in the evolving trends and fresh perspectives in education. Challenge assumptions, envision a landscape where creativity and collaboration flourish, and emerge with a profound understanding of the future of education.

  • Hardback
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conservatory; liberal arts; musical performance; entrepreneurship; problem solving; adaptive intelligence; creativity; beautiful risks; professional coherence; onion model; professional development; continuing education; adolescence; social and emotional skills; identity; children co-researchers; action research; gender; creativity; artificial intelligence; student attitudes; creativity; creativity process; creativity tools; thinking; idea generation and evaluation; 21st century learning; creativity; creative collaboration; creative communication; creative confidence; creative curricular experiences; journalistic legacy challenges; journalistic learning; challenges of interdisciplinary learning; learning outcomes; interdisciplinary integration ability; student attributes; learning environment; creativity; education; future; creative ecosystems; digital game-based learning; mind-wandering; preschool children; creativity; creative problem solving; learning; computational thinking skills; reverse engineering pedagogy; STEM learning activity; primary school student; a quasi-experimental study; creativity; self-perceived creativity; creative personal identity; education; primary school; creator; context; environment; 21st century skills; 4Cs; assessment; certification; collaboration; communication; creativity; critical thinking; education; future of work; games; labelization; soft skills; training; creativity; creative process diary; multivariate factors; preservice teacher training; STEM; creativity; divergent thinking; 21st century skills; secondary education; skills; soft skills; hard skills; cognition; conation; affection

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