China Water Forum 2022

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August 2023
202 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue China Water Forum 2022 that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
Chemistry & Materials Science
Environmental & Earth Sciences
Public Health & Healthcare

We summarized China’s water security status and issues based on the papers published in the Special Issue entitled "China Water Forum 2022". Our summaries and the published papers in this Special Issue are compiled into a reprint to help readers understand current research progresses on this topic.

  • Hardback
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hierarchy of needs; connotation; RHI; indicator system; systematic solution; genetic algorithm; support vector machine; index system; water-saving level; precipitation; temperature; production flow component; Songhua River Basin; runoff variation; WEP-N model; dissolved organic matter; urban streams; EEMs–PARAFAC; water quality; correlation analysis; Tarim River Basin; adaptive utilization capacity of water resources; harmony theory; comprehensive co-evolution model; sedimentary grain size; dam construction; precipitation; paleoenvironmental reconstruction; Hulun Lake; urban agglomeration; green development; system dynamics; shared socio-economic pathways; simulation prediction; lake area; water diversion; ecological water demand (EWD); minimum water level; inland river; water resource behaviors (WRBs); carbon dioxide emission equivalent (CEE); equivalent analysis; carbon dioxide emission equivalent analysis (CEEA); function table of carbon dioxide emission equivalent analysis (FT-CEEA); groundwater level prediction; data-driven models; gated recurrent units; model performance; Hebei Plain; freshwater lens; small coral island; numerical simulation; sustainable exploitation; n/a