Feature Papers in <em> NeuroSci </em>: From Consciousness to Clinical Neurology

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July 2023
256 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Feature Papers in NeuroSci: From Consciousness to Clinical Neurology that was published in

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This reprint focuses on relevant findings in the field of neuroscience, ranging from cognitive neuroscience, including studies on human consciousness, to clinical neurology, including studies on autism and epilepsy. Furthermore, the latest methods in the expanding field of neuroscience from cognitive to clinical subdisciplines will also be available to the readers.

  • Hardback
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zebrafish; plasticity; brain development; optic tectum; brain regeneration; addiction; maternal separation; risk factor; sex differences; brain–computer interface (BCI); inner speech; electroencephalography (EEG); deep learning; Convolutional Neural Network (CNN); independent component analysis; supervised learning; long COVID; parasympathetic; sympathetic; autonomic dysfunction; autonomic therapy; outcomes; neurosarcoidosis; sarcoidosis; cranial neuropathy; facial diplegia; lymph node biopsy; body mass index; brain function; cognition; developing context; neuropsychological tests; obesity; peripheral autonomic neuropathy; advanced autonomic dysfunction; diabetic autonomic neuropathy; cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy; small fiber disorder; sudomotor testing; human single neuron; hippocampus; amygdala; human race perception; autism; handwriting; motion tracking; developmental neuroscience; crab; K2p channels; proprioception; sensory; autism spectrum disorder; mouse model; idiopathic; cerebellum; neural; brain; structural intelligence; cell expression; evolution; brain metastases; deep learning; glioblastoma; machine learning; primary central nervous system lymphoma; brain organoids; sentiomics; regenerative neuromedicine; dynamic patterns; Amazon Rainforest; intraoperative fluorescence; pediatric brain tumors; neurosurgical adjunct; consciousness; brain networks; artificial intelligence; synthetic biology; cognitive robotics; complex systems; n/a