Plant Nutrient Dynamics in Stressful Environments

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September 2018
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Plant Nutrient Dynamics in Stressful Environments that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
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The papers included in this special issue cover a broad range of aspects ranging from genetics and breeding to crop production in the field. Climate change, intensified agriculture, modifications of land use, or pollution are often accompanied by larger fluctuations including extreme events. The growing world’s population and nutrient deficiencies in agricultural products for human or animal nutrition, or pollutants in harvested products in some regions (quality of yield), are important points to be integrated in a comprehensive analysis aimed at supporting agriculture on the way into a challenging future. It is therefore necessary to develop suitable models to identify potentials and risks. Instabilities (e.g., caused by climatic factors or pests) should be detected as early as possible to initiate corrections in the nutrient supply or in other growth conditions. Sensitive detection systems for nutrient disorders in the field can facilitate this task, and are therefore, highly desirable
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coffee plant nutrition; photoinhibition; photoprotection; leaf scald; drought stress; maize; nitrogen; phosphorus; potassium; root growth; shoot growth; expired Plant Variety Protection (ex-PVP); maize; nitrogen stress; nitrogen use efficiency (NUE); U.S. Corn Belt germplasm; next generation cropping systems; plant beneficial microbes; nutritional quality; environmental stresses; plant biotic stress; antimicrobial peptides; genetic engineering; future agriculture; grain filling; nutrient remobilization; senescence; abiotic stress; iron dynamics; sulfur; sulfate; durum wheat crop; calcareous soil; elemental sulfur; enriched fertilizer; rhizosoil iron fractions; phosphate; seeds; Arabidopsis; wheat; nitrogen use efficiency; G × E interaction; natural variation; nitrogen stress; Arabidopsis thaliana; biofortification; Brassica oleracea L.; broccoli; cabbage; nutrition; toxicity; zinc; drought; heavy metal pollution; no-effect value; potassium; salinity; seed priming; silicon; sodium; n/a

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