Frontiers and Best Practices in Bio, Circular, and Green Growth and Eco-Innovation

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May 2023
414 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Frontiers and Best Practices in Bio, Circular, and Green Growth and Eco-Innovation that was published in

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After almost two decades of continuous development in bio, circular, and green economy, the time is ripe for the assessment of the major achievements and challenges that private and public enterprises face today to further enhance these global sustainability concepts. Due to the central role of political incentives for the development and implementation of environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, the present book project focuses on the nexus between public policies, institutions, quality of public sector management, and patterns of interaction between government and private businesses in backing bio, green, and circular economy practices and eco-innovation. In addition, the project also accommodates surveys that elaborate on the differences between the implementation of new organizational forms and scientific innovations in technologically advanced and developing settings.

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energy demand; renewable energy; biomass; energy policies; organizational factors; healthcare waste management practices; public hospitals; Libya; consumers; cluster analysis; sustainable consumption; mass media; social media; green hydrogen; green hydrogen value chain; developing countries; renewable energy sources; hydrogen strategy; scaling; upscaling; scaling innovation; innovation diffusion; innovation; systematic literature review; garbage sorting; urban garbage disposal; rural garbage disposal; willingness; family life; neighbourhood; COVID-19; Pakistan economy; economic scale; Keynesian theory; mitigation; economic revival measures; innovations; renewable power; rebound effect; low-carbon economy; carbon pricing policy; border carbon tax; Sino–US trade friction; export grab effect; firm innovation; GDP prediction; feature selection; deep learning; temporal convolutional network; organizational sustainability; social and economic sustainability; knowledge sharing; organizational agility; organizational behavior; sustainable organizations; economic sustainability; consumer experience; sustainable commerce; online consumer behaviour; e-commerce platform; online purchase intention; online customer engagement; energy security; energy policy; energy resources; sustainability; bibliometrics; circular business model; open business model; sharing economy; circular economy; peer-to-peer; electricity trading; green product; green consumer behavior; environmental responsibility; environmental concern; green purchasing decisions; green business; consumption dimension; production dimension; financial dimension; technological dimension; fundraising campaigns; COVID-19; social networking sites; NPO; humanitarian response; Kuwait; Bahrain; Guatemala; forest; property rights; community concession; entrepreneurship; forest sustainability; economic development; free-market environmentalism; economic development; Latin America; consumption coupons; purchase probability; inventory optimization; minimum-cost maximum-flow; circular economy; bioeconomy; green growth; eco-innovation; developing countries; environmental Kuznets curve; EKC; environmental economics and policy; ecological economics; resource management; energy policy; sustainable development

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