Numerical Modeling in Energy and Environment

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May 2023
176 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Numerical Modeling in Energy and Environment that was published in

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Numerical methods have become crucial in recent years and have been applied in many research fields. Among these, environmental and energy research has become increasingly relevant. This Special Issue comprises a recent advances in research relating to numerical modeling applied to energy and environment.

  • Hardback
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transport mechanics; flat wagon; carrying structure; dynamic load; dynamics modelling; service life; ENVI-met; radiation scheme; microclimate; numerical modeling; thermal comfort; indexed view sphere; reflected radiation; longwave radiation; shortwave radiation; secondary radiative fluxes; hydraulic vibration; pressure fluctuation; hydropower system; vortex rope; ASHRAE 90.1; data center; IPLV; Net Sensible COP; AHRI 1361; wind turbine; VAWT; CFD; Savonius; Fibonacci; photovoltaic; module temperature; PV operating temperature; module temperature models; greenhouse thermal performance; numerical study; energy efficiency; cyclone separator; separation efficiency; pressure drop; convex and concave cyclones; Reynolds stress model; differential settlements; Monte-Carlo simulation; consolidation; heterogeneity; GoldSim; soil cover; wind turbines; VAWT; CFD; Savonius; Fibonacci; ANN; n/a