Flow Hydrodynamic in Open Channels: Interaction with Natural or Man-Made Structures

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May 2023
264 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Flow Hydrodynamic in Open Channels: Interaction with Natural or Man-Made Structures that was published in

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Streams and rivers are subject to considerable hydrodynamic loads. Flow interactions with natural or man-made structures in open channels lead to the development of complex dynamic processes, requiring further studies to comprehend fully. This Special Issue has been conceived to facilitate improvement or propose new approaches, summarize the most important findings of previous studies, and encourage the development of further knowledge in the field of open-channel flows. Various topics are addressed in this SI, including flow interaction with hydraulic structures, flow dynamics in estuaries, flow-vegetation interactions, bed sediment effects on flow structures, and the effect of channel curvature on flow behaviors and sediment transport. The studies published in this Special Issue certainly help readers understand the turbulent flow involved in open channels and apply that understanding to the design and practice of hydraulic engineering and river management.

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sinuous channel; velocity fluctuations; river bend erosion; structure function; debris flows; flow velocity; sediment concentration; prevision; river hydraulics; vegetation; flow resistance; turbulence; numerical methods; scour; equilibrium condition; velocity field; secondary currents; turbulence; acoustic Doppler velocimeter; rough bed; secondary flow; turbulent bursting; turbulence kinetic energy; friction coefficient; open-channel flow; entropy; Reynolds number; rigid vegetation; bed roughness; turbulent flow; Turbulent Kinetic Energy (TKE); energy spectra; bridge scour; empirical formulae; riprap sloping structure; flow contraction; overtopping flow; scour; stochastic analysis; forecasting; extreme events; solitary wave; turbulent coherent structures; length scales; wavelet transform; turbulent velocity; transport mechanism; tidal range; suspended sediment flux; Oued Sebou estuary; bathymetry; dredging; SWAN; wave spreading; flow hydrodynamic structures; lateral deflectors; gentle-slope tunnel; water-wing; shock wave; energy dissipation; n/a