Fundamentals of Advanced Pyrometallurgy

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April 2023
260 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Fundamentals of Advanced Pyrometallurgy that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science

Pyrometallurgy is considered to be an environmentally friendly technology in processing of primary and secondary raw materials. The continuous development of pyrometallurgical processes to treat more complex raw materials requires direct support from fundamental research. In this reprint, 18 papers focusing on recent investigations into the existing and new pyrometallurgical processes such as recovery of cobalt through chlorination–volatilization, the extraction of tungsten from low-grade concentrates, copper and lead smelting, ironmaking, and steelmaking are collected. This reprint is expected to serve as a valuable reference for academia and the industry working on thermodynamics, kinetics, and technological optimization and development.

  • Hardback
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phase equilibria; thermodynamics; Na2O-SiO2-WO3 system; liquidus temperature; pyrometallurgy; chlorination–volatilization; cobalt oxide; calcium chloride; phases of calcines; gear steel; inclusions characteristics; EPMA; sulphide modification; copper smelting; bottom-blowing; SKS; slag; fluid dynamic; oxide metallurgy; high heat input welding; Ti-Ca deoxidation; inclusion evolution; formation mechanism; blast furnace; data pre-processing; extreme outlier; gas utilization rate; support vector regression; carbon brick; corrosion resistance to molten iron; carburization; iron infiltration; sinter; sintering liquid; EPMA; sinter softening behaviour; lead-rich slag; kinetics; fluxes; FactSage; reduction mechanisms; continuous casting; tundish; argon blowing; protective casting; numerical simulation; basic Oxygen Furnace steelmaking; intelligent manufacturing; functional data analysis; phase plane; blowing period recognition; anomaly monitoring; end-point time prediction; arsenic distribution; arsenic control; FactSage; blister copper; anode copper; smelting slag; liquidus temperature; converting slag; FactSage; copper metallurgy; plume eye; bottom-blowing copper smelting; water model; phase equilibria; liquidus temperature; CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 system; blast furnace slag; basicity; copper smelting slag; smelting reduction; Cu-Fe alloy; FactSage; tungsten; pyrometallurgical smelting; sodium tungstate; wolframite; FactSage; blast furnace; high-proportion pellet; desulphurization; removal of alkali; ironmaking