Performance-Related Material Properties of Asphalt Mixture Components

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April 2023
314 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Performance-Related Material Properties of Asphalt Mixture Components that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Physical Sciences

This reprint contains the most recent research in pavement engineering, which mainly addresses the performance-related properties of asphalt mixtures. We hope that this reprint is helpful for researchers and pavement industries to generate a better and deeper understanding of pavement materials, pavement construction, and pavement maintenance.

  • Hardback
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asphalt performance grading; thermal cracking; fatigue; phase angle; creep rate; failure strain; asphalt mixture; fatigue performance; rolling load; laboratory test; device; geometry; mechanical load; thermal load; numerical simulation; asphalt mixture; cracking; asphalt mixture; flow-rutting; axial and lateral deformation; optical fiber Bragg grating; asphalt binder; fractions composition; mechanical property; rheological properties; asphalt colloidal structure; asphaltene; asphalt mortar; dynamic mechanical analysis; phase transition; high- and low-temperature performance; back calculation of modulus; Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD); firefly optimization algorithm; RIOHTrack; tire–pavement contact; texture information identification; numerical modeling; fluid hydrodynamic lubrication theory; orthogonal experimental design; peak adhesion coefficient; molecular weight distribution; branching of wax; asphaltene; moisture sensitivity; surface free-energy; binder bond strength; warm mix additive; waste polypropylene plastic; pyrolysis; PP wax; modified asphalt; epoxy asphalt; TG-MS; cone calorimeter test; pyrolysis combustion characteristics; asphalt mixture; phase transformation; characteristic temperature; dynamic mechanical analysis; load; environment; hot rejuvenated asphalt mixtures; Hamburg wheel tracking test; moisture damage; economic benefit; fiber; asphalt binder; aging; oxidation; wax; nuclear magnetic resonance; gas chromatography; asphalt mixture; plastic and basalt fiber composite modifier; urban bus lane; pavement performance; statics analysis; asphalt mixture; load transfer mechanism; testing method; contact force; force chain