Vitamin C in Health and Disease

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June 2018
298 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Vitamin C in Health and Disease that was published in

Medicine & Pharmacology
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type 1 diabetes; pregnancy; vitamin C; pregnancy outcome; pregnancy complications; cross-sectional study; ascorbic acid; bacteria; bacterial toxins; common cold; herpes zoster; pneumonia; protozoa; respiratory tract infections; viruses; tetanus; vitamin C; ascorbic acid; dietary reference value; immune function; neutrophil motility; renal transplant; vitamin C; mortality; inflammation; hs-CRP; ascorbic acid; ascorbic acid transporter; ascorbic acid derivative; skin; vitamin C; Alzheimer’s disease; Parkinson’s disease; Huntington’s disease; multiple sclerosis; amyotrophic sclerosis; depression; anxiety; schizophrenia; ascorbic acid; aging process; Alzheimer’s disease; Vitamin C; ascorbic acid; vascular responses; biopterins; antioxidant; renal injury; oxidant; hypoxia; ischemia; vitamin C; endothelium; ascorbate; cognition; HbA1c; insulin; glucose; hypovitaminosis C; ascorbate; dermis; epidermis; skin barrier function; vitamin C status; skin aging; wound healing; collagen; UV protection; vitamin C; cardiovascular disease; cardiovascular mortality; fiber; vitamin C; ascorbic acid; central nervous system; cognition; Alzheimer’s; dementia; MMSE; vitamin C; glycaemic control; metabolic health; prediabetes; type 2 diabetes mellitus; ascorbate; ascorbic acid; immunity; immune system; neutrophil function; microbial killing; lymphocytes; infection; vitamin C