Rural Land Management Interaction with Urbanization

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February 2023
222 pages
  • ISBN978-3-0365-6552-1 (Hardback)
  • ISBN978-3-0365-6553-8 (PDF)

This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Rural Land Management Interaction with Urbanization that was published in

Business & Economics
Environmental & Earth Sciences

This reprint is focuses on how recent urbanization processes modifies the organization and management of the land uses at integrated rural areas in peri-urban and intra-metropolitan areas at local, national, and global levels.

The Guest Editors expect that this reprint could serve to provide some answers regarding the impacts of urbanization on rural areas.

  • Hardback
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extractivism; capitalist periphery; rurality; urbanization; rural-urban pluriactivity; deagrarianization; depeasantization; rural proletarianization; south-central Andes; urban sprawl; discontinuous urban fabric; suburbanisation; functional urban area; de-agrarianisation; post-agricultural brownfield; regeneration; urban renewal; Central Europe; urbanization; post-socialist city; hazards; early warning system; LST; urban–rural fringes; machine learning; ANFIS; random forest; decision tree; sustainable development goals; urbanization quality; agricultural development; main grain-producing areas; China; urban sprawl; rural–urban integration; countryside urbanisation; deagrarianisation; land use; land access; agricultural entrepreneurship; land law; sustainable production; Benin; urban expansion; suburbs; systemic risk; risk resistance; differentiation; management policy; rural residential areas; suitability of human settlements; suitability evaluation; Hengshui; rural–urban interaction; deagrarianisation; economic tertiarization; urban expansion; land use

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