Shape Memory Alloys for Civil Engineering

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February 2023
246 pages
  • ISBN978-3-0365-6607-8 (Hardback)
  • ISBN978-3-0365-6606-1 (PDF)

This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Shape Memory Alloys for Civil Engineering that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Physical Sciences

This overview of the most recent advances in the field of SMA research and applications in civil engineering aims to help remove the knowledge barriers across disciplines and sheds considerable light on the opportunity to commercialize SMA products in the construction industry.

  • Hardback
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seismic analysis; rocking pier; shape memory alloy; ECC material; bridge engineering; television transmission tower; seismic excitation; shape memory alloy damper; parametric study; vibration control; shape memory alloys; engineered cementitious composites; composites materials; self-recovery capacity; bending behavior; machine learning; artificial neural networks; shape memory alloys; superelastic; parameter identification; constitutive model; thermodynamic parameters; shape memory alloy (SMA); self-centering SMA brace; loading rate; initial strain; energy dissipation coefficient; shape memory alloy; self-centering; beam-column joints; seismic performance; iron-based shape memory alloy (Fe-SMA); shape memory effect; martensitic transformation; prestressing; low cycle fatigue; seismic; damping; transmission tower; wind excitation; SMA damper; energy response; self-centering; shape memory alloy (SMA); viscoelastic; brace; hybrid control; seismic resilience; self-centering rocking (SCR) piers; shape memory alloy (SMA); seismic fragility; resilience; life-cycle loss; ferrous shape memory alloys; prestress; recovery stress; relaxation; thermomechanical behavior; fatigue; active materials; low-cost SMAs; civil engineering applications; n/a

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