Molecular Biology of Disease Vectors

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February 2023
202 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Molecular Biology of Disease Vectors that was published in

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Arthropod disease vectors transmit not only serious diseases, such as malaria, but many other diseases as well, many of which are neglected to various extents. In most cases, a tripartite interaction is involved between the arthropod disease vector, the vertebrate host, and the vector-borne pathogens. The reprint aims to present a selection of the latest data (and up to date information in the case of reviews) about the molecular and biochemical events that mediate this tripartite interaction with emphasis on ticks and mosquitoes.

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cathepsin; crystal structure; cysteine protease; digestion; Ixodes ricinus; midgut; parasite; viral infection; skin; immune enhancement; mosquito; blood coagulation; crystal structure; Ixodes ricinus; parasite; saliva; serpin; tick; n/a; Piwi4; Aedes aegypti; piRNA; RNA interference; RNAi; Piwi; NLS; arbovirus; mosquito; Ixodes scapularis; salivary glands; microRNA; RNA sequencing; Borrelia burgdorferi; Plasmodium; sporozoite; MAEBL; liver; adhesion; genetic complementation; in vivo bioluminescence imaging; Aedes aegypti; reproduction; trypsin inhibitor; mosquitoes; CRISPR-Cas9; dengue; Ixodes ricinus; ectoparasite-host interactions; host immunity; RNA-sequencing; lncRNA; invasive diseases vectors; Aedes aegypti; Aedes vexans; Aedes vittatus; Aedes africanus; Aedes metalicus; Aedes luteocephalus; Anopheles stephensi; arboviruses; haplotype analysis; phylogenetic analysis; One Health; Sudan; medical entomology; tick; salivary glands; structure; classification; n/a