Development of Laser Welding and Surface Treatment of Metals

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February 2023
420 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Development of Laser Welding and Surface Treatment of Metals that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Physical Sciences

Constant striving to reduce pollutant emissions, greenhouse gases and energy consumption, i.e., sustainable development, forces the development of new and improved materials, technologies and manufacturing processes. One of the areas of sustainable development of the global economy is also the development of laser devices and the spreading of laser technology applications.The book deals with important issues related to the development of science and technology in the field of application the laser beam for joining, surface treatment, coatings. However, the thematic scope is not limited only to mentioned issues. The scope of the book covers issues related to advances in computational modelling of heat sources in laser and arc processes, unique techniques of underwater welding or unique techniques of forced cooling the weld metal under solidification during arc welding or hybrid process of laser deposition under cryogenic conditions, microstructural and mechanical characterisation of coatings and joints produced by different welding technologies. The above book contains valuable information, both theoretical and practical research results in the field of advanced technologies of joining, surface treatment and coatings, quality control and assessment, as well as management of the technological processes. Therefore, I deeply believe that the book will be a valuable and helpful for young scientists, engineers, and students in the field of welding and surface engineering, materials science, and manufacturing engineering.

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titanium nitrides; reflectivity; absorption; high power diode laser; underwater welding; covered electrodes; wet welding; cold cracking; pad welding; flame powder spray process; coating; aluminum; carbon nanotubes; carburite; abrasive wear resistance; erosion wear resistance; laser welding; numerical simulation; X100 pipeline steel; welding thermal cycle; microstructure; aluminium alloy; laser surface alloying; microstructure; wear resistance; boron carbide; FEM; numerical analyses; simulations; computational techniques; SYSWELD; displacements; stresses; laser beam; weldability; thermo-mechanically controlled processed; S700MC TMCP steel; MAG; laser welding; steel sheets; numerical simulation; lap joints; mechanical properties; microstructure analysis; nickel-based superalloy; heat resistant steel; surfacing; PPTA; HPDDL; Fe-based coating; laser cladding; transmission electron microscopy (TEM); microstructure; wear resistance; finite element method (FEM); welding; laser; heat source model; keyhole welding; thermal analysis; laser welding; austenitic stainless steel; lean duplex stainless steel; dissimilar welded joints; mechanical properties; microstructure; reinforcing; laser treatment; strengthening; bending; low-carbon steel; thin steel plate; Ti13Nb13Zr alloy; laser treatment nanoindentation; electrophoretic deposition; carbon nanotubes; potentiodynamic polarization; laser welding; austenitic stainless steel; martensitic stainless steel; dissimilar welded joint; microstructure; sulfide inclusions; iron-based alloy; hardfacing; surfacing; cladding; tubular hardfacing electrode; FCAW-GS; FCAW-SS; MMAW; wear-resistant steel; wear plate; abrasion; tribology; weld surfacing; welding sequence; weld geometry; structure analysis; phase shares; hardness distribution; laser boriding; engine oil; wear; friction; surface layer; smart city; transport; vehicles; mechanical engineering; Docol steel; micro-jet welding; mechanical tests; microstructure; mini-specimen; fracture; fatigue; high-strength steel; components; joining; transport; micro-jet; welding; mechanical resistance; parameters; microstructure; mini-specimen; fracture; fatigue limit; laser micro-welding; cryosurgical probe; butt weld; thin tube welding; laser cladding; laser deposition; hybrid process; cryogenic conditions; composite coatings; WC-Ni coatings; fiber laser; welding; laser processing; joining; tribology; cladding; properties of surface layers

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