Approximation Theory and Related Applications

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January 2023
228 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Approximation Theory and Related Applications that was published in

Computer Science & Mathematics
Physical Sciences

In recent years, we have seen a growing interest in various aspects of approximation theory. This happened due to the increasing complexity of mathematical models that require computer calculations and the development of the theoretical foundations of the approximation theory. Approximation theory has broad and important applications in many areas of mathematics, including functional analysis, differential equations, dynamical systems theory, mathematical physics, control theory, probability theory and mathematical statistics, and others. Approximation theory is also of great practical importance, as approximate methods and estimation of approximation errors are used in physics, economics, chemistry, signal theory, neural networks and many other areas. This book presents the works published in the Special Issue "Approximation Theory and Related Applications". The research of the world’s leading scientists presented in this book reflect new trends in approximation theory and related topics.

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generalized Caputo proportional fractional derivative; stability; exponential stability; Mittag–Leffler stability; quadratic Lyapunov functions; Hopfield neural networks; fixed point; partial metric space; modular space; partial modular space; weakly compatible mappings; C-class function; Volterra integral equation; statistical convergence; quasi-statistical convergence; asymptotic density; quasi-density; the matrix summability method; Riemann and Lebesgue integrals; statistical Riemann and Lebesgue integral; deferred weighted Riemann summability; Banach space; Bernstein polynomials; positive linear operators; Korovkin-type approximation theorems; Lebesgue-measurable sequences of functions; Weyl-Nagy classes; generalized Abel-Poisson integral; asymptotic equality; Kolmogorov–Nikol’skii problem; uniform metric; BMO; degenerate Beltrami equations; asymptotic homogeneity at infinity; conformality by Belinskii and by Lavrent’iev; hydromechanics; fluid mechanics; parabolic system; optimal control; averaging method; approximate solution; reverse Hardy’s inequality; dynamic inequality; time scale; Fuzzy Modus Ponens; Fuzzy Modus Tollens; reasoning algorithm; intuitionistic fuzzy sets; interval-valued fuzzy sets; confluent hypergeometric function of several variables; recurrence relations; branched continued fraction; approximant; uniform convergence; symmetric polynomial on a Banach space; continuous polynomial on a Banach space; algebraic basis; Lebesgue-Rohlin space; symbolic regression; Mean Square Error; Pearson Correlation Coefficient; oscillations in solutions; dynamic system criteria; waste gasification; Occam’s Razor; nonparametric estimation; pointwise error; local Hölder space; wavelet; set of multisets; topological rings; supersymmetric polynomials; symmetric bases; n/a

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