Recent Advances in Geological Oceanography

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January 2023
444 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Recent Advances in Geological Oceanography that was published in

Environmental & Earth Sciences

This reprint contains twenty-one scientific papers related to the determination of the nature, timing, and magnitude of natural hydroclimate variability and related sedimentary–diagenetic processes during geological eras past and present. Such an approach will be essential for addressing the challenges posed by climate change in coastal and deep marine sedimentary archives, for establishing the hydrological regime through the determination of environmental parameters and examining the subsequent response of the marine biota through time. Furthermore, this reprint is a significant contribution to the study of reservoir quality characteristics and the subsequent potentiality of several marine resources (ores, hydrocarbons, and geoheritage).

  • Hardback
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environmental sedimentology; sediment flux; sediment provenance; climate change impact; human role; depositional and erosional history; environmental controls; natural resources; aquatic environment; physical geography; El Niño-Southern Oscillation; coastal erosion; storm surge; paleotempestology; planktonic foraminifera; pteropods; paleoecology; multivariate statistical analysis; primary productivity; water column stratification; upwelling; Holocene climatic variability; hydrological changes; eastern Mediterranean; magnetostratigraphy; clay minerals; geochemical properties; deep-sea sediments; mid-Pleistocene transition; coquina taphofacies/petrofacies; Amaral Formation; Lusitanian Basin (Portugal); Upper Jurassic; carbonate reservoirs; theoretical models; paleoenvironmental models; paleogeographic reconstructions; Permian-Triassic boundary; sequence stratigraphy; high stand systems tract (HST); shallow marine deposits; microfacies types; stratigraphic correlations; subtidal-intertidal depositional environments; mixed siliciclastic-carbonate successions; sedimentary basin dynamics; paleoecology; deep-sea sediment; rare earth element; enrichment mechanism; Sr isotope stratigraphy; Pacific Ocean; carbonate reservoirs; porosity classifications; micro-macro-porosity; petrophysical properties; diagenetic processes; petroleum potential; grain sorting; sedimentary facies analysis; stratigraphic correlations; depositional environment; overpressure; disequilibrium compaction; hydrocarbon generation; natural gas hydrate; microbial activity; organic carbon; deep-sea fans; carbon burial; turbidity current; suspension settling; hybrid event bed; mudstone; linked debrite; provenance; paleo-weathering; paleo-oceanographic reconstruction; tectonic evolution; marine geochemical cycle; passive continental margin; Chichali Formation; Pakistan; Event Stratigraphy; Interior Palaeosea; Late Cenozoic; Local Tectonics; Rostov Dome; biotic crisis; Gondwana; marine macroinvertebrates; middle Palaeozoic; Palaeo-Tethys Ocean; taxonomic diversity; turnover; contourites; drift; sediment waves; bottom currents; turbidite; geohazards; high-resolution seismic data; pocket beach; sand transport; longshore–rip current; hydrodynamic and sedimentary modeling; beach rotation; shoreline displacement; overpressure zones; pore pressure prediction; offshore hydrocarbon fields; Black Sea shelf; geosites; Induan; Hauterivian; palaeosea; siliciclastics; Toarcian; Western Caucasus; fluid-solid coupling; seafloor massive sulfides; cutting mechanism; discrete element method; smoothed particle; Rock Eval analysis; pre-evaporitic source rocks; hydrocarbon potential; sedimentary basin dynamics; thermal maturity; kerogen type; hydrocarbon exploration; evaporites sealing quality; Messinian salinity crisis; eastern Mediterranean; Aeolian accretion; coastal dunes; OSL-dating; MIS2; Holocene; sea-level; submerged forest; Ria de Vigo; NW Iberian Atlantic coast; n/a; coccolith flux; Eastern Mediterranean; biogenic flux; Ionian Sea; sediment trap; Emiliania huxleyi; Florisphaera profunda; n/a