Land Modifications and Impacts on Coastal Areas

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January 2023
348 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Land Modifications and Impacts on Coastal Areas that was published in

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Environmental & Earth Sciences

This reprint includes papers published in the Special Issue entitled “Land Modifications and Impacts on Coastal Areas”, with the aim of collecting multidisciplinary studies concerning the evaluation of natural and anthropic drivers inducing coastal morphodynamic modifications as well as coastal environmental changes.

The volume presents studies carried out by means of in situ surveys as well as analysing remote sensing data. In order to provide the reader with a wide overview on different coastal settings and methodological approaches, case studies from Bulgaria, Cameroon, Ecuador, Ghana, Italy, Mexico, North Carolina (USA), and Spain are included in this Special Issue. It is hoped that the findings will be of interest for a wide range of investigations related to coastal analysis and management, especially for researchers and academics who could utilise exploit the provided approaches and methodologies.

  • Hardback
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aboveground carbon storage; coastal forests; light detection and ranging (LiDAR); remote sensing; satellite imagery; sea level rise; coastal squeeze; tourism carrying capacity; coastal management; DESCR; urbanized coasts; beach nourishment; coastal zone management; beach erosion; shoreline changes; DSAS; dune fragmentation; coastal armouring; mercury; gold; socioeconomic impacts; political management; environmental management; landscape; beach; management; climate change; erosion; tourism pressure; sustainability; developing country; coastal evolution; cultural and land use changes; anthropic impacts; Holocene; Tyrrhenian Sea; sediment transport; sedimentary environments; ecosystem distribution; coastal dynamics; coastal profiling; physical processes; anthropogenic pressure; ocean energy harvesting; marine spatial planning; environmental impact; mitigation strategies; coastal contaminated sites; geo-morphodynamic model; reclamation activities; Apulia region; Taranto; hazard evaluation; coastal evolution; slope structural analysis; structure for motion; Salina Island; ecosystem services; land use/land cover change; benefit transfer; coastal landscapes; quantification; spatio-temporal; West Africa; Ghana; coastal erosion; coastline; Gulf of Guinea; Kribi; fragilization

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