Induced Impairment of Neurogenesis and Brain Diseases

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January 2023
282 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Induced Impairment of Neurogenesis and Brain Diseases that was published in

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The impairment of neurogenesis may be induced after pre- and post-natal chemical and biological toxin, alcohol, or radiation exposure, drug treatment, hormone imbalances, stress, pain, hypoxia, brain trauma, malnutrition, and aging. It also occurs as a result of genetic disorders such as Down syndrome (DS), autism, fragile X syndrome (FXS), neurological disorders including Alzheimer's disease (AD), Parkinson's disease (PD) epilepsy, and Huntington's disease (HD), and neuropsychiatric disorders such as depression and schizophrenia; however, the causal relationship between the impairment of neurogenesis and neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders remains unknown. In this Special Issue, entitled “Induced Impairment of Neurogenesis and Brain Diseases”, original animal or cell experimental research and review papers were combined to discuss different causes of the impairment of neurogenesis, relevant neurobehavioral changes, molecular mechanisms, and therapeutic approaches. The aim is to update researchers and clinicians about the complexity of the development of the impairment of neurogenesis, the importance of the involvement of the impairment of neurogenesis in neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders, and to provide some clues for designing novel therapeutic approaches by targeting the impairment of neurogenesis to effectively prevent or treat different genetic, neurological, and neuropsychological disorders.

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neurogenesis; TGF-β; smad; depression; stress; complementary and alternative medicines; natural products; peripheral nerve injury; nerve repair; nerve regeneration; functional recovery; neuroinflammation; microglia; TSPO; mitochondria; cytokines; antioxidants; γ-irradiation; depression; neurogenesis; miR-34a-5p; tia1; N6-methyladenosine; Mettl3; Mettl14; Fto; Ythdf1; neurodevelopment; neurodegeneration; SMG6; NMD; neurogenesis; neurodevelopmental syndromes; ionizing radiation; aging; brain; oxidative stress; mitochondrial dysfunction; DNA damage; gut microbiota; gut-brain axis; adult neurogenesis; ageing; neural stem cells; neurodegeneration; nutrients; antioxidants; polyphenols; TRIM32; excitatory-inhibitory imbalance; cortex development; ASD; NPCs; GHSR1; ghrelin; hypoxia; neurogenesis; transcription factors; progenitor cells; adult hippocampal neurogenesis; NPCs; Alzheimer’s disease; Aβ peptide; DNA methylation; gene expression; NXN; CNTNAP1; SEPT5-GP1BB; TBX5; miR-146b; cognition; anxiety; astrocytes; microglia; neurogenesis; neuronal development; Gdnf; microcephaly; MCPH1; central domain; brain development; gonad development