Risk in Sports and Challenges for Sports Organizations

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January 2023
208 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Risk in Sports and Challenges for Sports Organizations that was published in

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Success, injuries, future career opportunities of athletes, and the societal gains of participating in sports and organizing (mega) sports events are all related to individual risk-taking behavior. Although the sports economics and management literature has broadly addressed these issues, it is surprising that less attention has been paid to the implications of risk-taking on the organization of sports in general and, more particularly, on the design and behavior of sports organization members.
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sports; economics; sports; management; risk-taking; in; professional; sports; (e.g.,; doping,; injuries,; post-career; path); risk-taking; in; organizing; (mega); sports; events; implications; of; risk-taking; on; the; organization; of; sports; risk; treatment; in; sports; organizations; risk; taking; after; COVID-19; pandemic