Current Trends and Future Directions in Prosthetic and Implant Dentistry in the Digital Era

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December 2022
146 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Current Trends and Future Directions in Prosthetic and Implant Dentistry in the Digital Era that was published in

Medicine & Pharmacology
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Advancements in digital technologies are reshaping the world of dentistry, from prosthodontics to implant dentistry. Intraoral scanners, facial scanners, 3D printers, and milling machines have revolutionized the clinical approach and operative workflow in daily practice. However, digital dentistry brings several challenges to clinicians due to the rapid evolution of new technologies and the lack of evidence-based guidelines for their correct use.

The aim of this Special Issue is to cover the latest advances in the development and application of digital technologies in prosthetic and implant dentistry. We wish to provide both clinicians and researchers with a comprehensive and up-to-date source of information on current trends, limitations, and potential future applications of digital technologies in daily clinical practice.

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dental implants; digital impression; intraoral scanner; CAD/CAM materials; toothbrushing wear; surface; roughness; surface integrity; alveolar remodeling; tooth extraction; intraoral digital scanning; imaging superimposition; less traumatic surgery; socket healing; implantology; computer-aided surgery; image-guided surgery; zygomatic implants; navigation system; dental implant; bone level; prospective study; sub-crestal placement; emergence profile; dental implants; guided surgery; digital workflow; stereolithographic surgical guide; accuracy; CAD–CAM; DICOM–STL; static guided surgery; clinical study; intraoral scanners; digital dentistry; impression techniques; full-arch impression; elderly population; dimensional measurement accuracy; n/a; implant scan; operator; precision; scan area; trueness; dental implant; occlusion; overloading; complications; implant-supported restorations; marginal bone loss; oral implantology; intraoral scan; accuracy; cone-beam computed tomography; oral surgery; dental implant; emergence angle; retrospective study; sub-crestal placement; emergence profile

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