Plant Responses to Stress and Environmental Stimulus

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November 2022
236 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Plant Responses to Stress and Environmental Stimulus that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
Chemistry & Materials Science
Environmental & Earth Sciences

Plants respond to diverse environmental stimuli such as light, nutrients, temperature, and oxygen, which shape their growth and fate. When these stimuli are suboptimal for adequate plant growth, they cause stress. This book is a collection of research articles providing evidence about plant responses to stresses and environmental stimuli, as well as new methodologies for plant phenotyping.

  • Hardback
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abiotic stress tolerance; ascorbate (AsA); cad2-1; glutathione (GSH); leaf area; photosynthesis; root architecture; seed germination; vtc2-4; vtc5-2; expression profiling; heterosis; salinity stress; seedlings; rice; nets; sun chemical protectants; sunscald; climate changes; field identification; drought resistance; japonica rice; germplasm; agronomic trait; chili and bell pepper; low temperature stress; vegetative and reproductive traits; pepper breeding; PCA; hierarchical cluster analysis; Olea europaea L.; drought stress; stem water potential; fruit growth; oil content; polyphenols; allopathy; Beta vulgaris L.; Brassica rapa L. var. japonica; Lactuca sativa L.; phenolic compounds; Valerianella locusta Laterr.; bud; bud burst; development; dormancy; explants; field capacity; gravimetric water content; grapevine; perennial plants; water; biofertilizer; Glomus mosseae; colonization; biostimulant; FRAP; legumes; cover crops; drought; biological nitrogen fixation; water use efficiency; nitrogen use efficiency; stable isotopes; drought; stomatal conductance; mathematical modeling; crop breeding; drought; water stress; elemental sulphur; sulphate; macroelements; microelements; Triticum durum; Triticum turgidum; abiotic stress; phenotyping; root architecture; Win-RHIZO; n/a

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