Natural Products: Therapeutic Properties and Beyond II

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October 2022
216 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Natural Products: Therapeutic Properties and Beyond II that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Medicine & Pharmacology

Bioactive compounds have a range of chemical structures and biological activities. Recently, new advances regarding natural compounds were achieved, leading to their application in several areas related to human therapies. New computational methods that analyze the pharmacological potential of natural products have led to its its conversion into low toxicity molecules.

This Special Issue has collected the most recent innovations in scientific research on natural products, together with the application of bioactive compounds in human health. It acts as a reference for academic researchers and health and industry professionals, particularly those working in the fields of medicinal chemistry, toxicology, phytochemistry, and natural product chemistry.

  • Hardback
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ayahuasca; bioavailability; bioaccessibility; PAMPA; HPLC-DAD; Cyclocarya paliurus; flavonoids; polysaccharides; triterpenoids; anti-hyperglycemia; antifungal; edible plants; molecular docking; antioxidant activities; polyphenols; Caralluma; phytochemical; antimicrobial; cytotoxicity; antioxidant; protein kinase; natural products; phenolic compounds; brine shrimps; protein kinase inhibition; antioxidants; Punica granatum L.; bio-agronomic traits; genetic markers; antioxidant activity; total phenolic content; carbohydrates; HPAEC-PAD; minerals; potassium; nutraceutical value; caffeine; dyslipidemia; GC/MS; lead toxicity; neurobehavior; essential oils; hydrolates; chemical composition; antioxidant activity; antimicrobial activity; sensory evaluation; aspergillosis; candidiasis; cryptococcosis; endemic infections; opportunistic infections; plant volatiles; natural product extracts; nutraceuticals; inflammation treatment; healthful fungal products; Curcuma longa; turmeric; curcuma oil; turmeric oil; pharmacological profile; pharmacological activity; safety; toxicity; n/a