UAV‐Based Remote Sensing

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April 2018
396 pages
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pedestrian detection; pedestrian tracking; aerial thermal image; video registration; unmanned aerial vehicle; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle; Tri-Rotor UAV; RST controller; fuzzy hybrid controller; Sequential monte carlo; probability hypothesis density; importance sampling; cubature information filter; Gaussian mixture; J0101; UAV; Wallis dodging; seam elimination; Gaussian distance weight enhancement; earthquake; close range photogrammetry; collinearity equations; exterior orientation; image sequence; UAV; air quality; UAVs; sensors; atmosphere; pollution; aerosols; vehicle detection; unmanned aerial vehicle; Viola-Jones; HOG; road orientation; unmanned aerial vehicle; visual object tracking; reliable global-local model; local geometric filter; local outlier factor; robust real-time performance; visual tracking; motion blur; fast motion; correlation filter; drone; UAV; salt water; aerial survey; Borneo; Sabah; reptile; two-UAV system; communication relay; mission control software; Ground Control Station; unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV); wilderness search and rescue; target detection; unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV); positional quality; orthomosaick; archeology; UAV; search and rescue; autonomous landing; smart-phone drone; epipolar rectification; oblique images; UAV images; minimum perspective distortion; 3D reconstruction; unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs); monitoring and management; collision avoidance; cloud-based application; data fusion; noise suppression; Kalman filter; acceleration; VTOL UAV; thrust-vectoring; Cramer-Rao lower bound (CRLB); Fisher information matrix (FIM); joint parameter estimation; linear frequency modulation (LFM) signal; Rician target; active radar networks; geophysical surveys; fluxgate magnetometer; autonomous vehicles; rotary-wing UAVs; drones in mining applications; cooperative navigation; unmanned aerial vehicles; multi-UAV Systems; differential GNSS; vision-based tracking; vision-based navigation; TRIAD method; sensor fusion; flight tests; UAV remote gas sensing; downwash effect; air quality; hexacopter; optical sensor; air pollution; particle number concentration monitor; diverse planning; UAV; remote sensing; wind prediction; wind estimation; UAS; wind shear; gust; multi-platform integration; multi-target localization; UAV; real time; lens distortion correction; RLS; UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles); airborne optoelectronic platform; intersection localization; coordinate transformation; accuracy analysis; adaptive Kalman filtering; UAV; grasping; outdoors; UAV; drone; monitoring; multisensor; platform; software framework; beacons; building segmentation; digital surface model; remote sensing; 3D reconstruction; situational awareness; augmented reality; unmanned aerial vehicle; tool; ground control station; thermal plume; unmanned aerial system; unmanned aerial vehicle; infrared; infrared imaging; temperature profile; PM10; monitoring; blasting; unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV); multi-rotor UAV; optical sensor; gimbal; exterior orientation parameters; photogrammetry; Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU); Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV); unmanned aerial vehicle; path planning; flood detection; feature selection; image processing; image segmentation; texture analysis; unmanned aerial vehicles; UAV cooperation; persistent tracking; evolutionary algorithm; unmanned aerial vehicle sensor; crop-growth model; computational fluid dynamics; flow field analysis; monitoring system; field experiment; UAV; target localization; shock absorber; angular displacement; image registration; coordinate transformation; optic flow sensor; sense and avoid; VLSI retina; micro air vehicle (MAV); bionics; bio-inspired robotics; biorobotics; remote sensors; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; area partition; cell decomposition; obstacle detection; collision avoidance; size expansion; feature points; UAV; monocular vision; Ascension Island; atmospheric sampling; methane; UAV; SUAS; multirotor; BVLOS