Sensory and Consumer Research for a Sustainable Food System

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August 2022
384 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Sensory and Consumer Research for a Sustainable Food System that was published in

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This book is a compilation of articles published in the Special Issue “Sensory and Consumer Research for a Sustainable Food System” of the journal Foods. The compilation includes 18 original research articles, 2 review articles, and 1 editorial. The articles show how sensory and consumer research can contribute to the development of a sustainable food system.

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organic food; discount supermarket; purchase intention; structural equation model (SEM); grocery retailing; heritage cereals; consumer attitudes; preferences and awareness; formulation; legume; profile; TDS; multi-intake; bitter; beany; astringent; dual fortification; sensory evaluation; iron and zinc deficiency; lentil; willingness to try; neophobia; structural equation model; sensory evaluation; consumer acceptance; descriptive analysis; meat analog; meat extender; plant-based; alternative protein; imitation meat; lunch buffet; vegetables; food intake; multisensory; emotion terms; consumer attitudes; ingredients; pleasantness; sensory; sustainability; acceptance; sensory descriptive analysis; CATA; texture analyzer; pulses; green peas; chickpea; rice; non-thermal processing technologies; consumer perception; fruit and vegetables; food processing; sustainability; sensory characterisation; discarded fish; seafood; fishing; season; food choice motivations; food waste; willingness to pay; consumer behavior; convenience food; determinants; purchase intention; consumption; confirmatory factor analysis; structural equation modeling; plant-based dairy alternatives; consumer acceptance; innovation; sustainable foods; mountain cheese; acceptability; conjoint analysis; external information; consumer segmentation; food sustainability; non-dairy cheese; soy-based cheese; sensory evaluation; consumer acceptance; paper-based packaging; sensory attributes; consumer acceptability; biscuit packages; meat packages; paper-based packaging; consumers; focus groups; sustainability; environmentally friendly; brown rice; white rice; sensory; consumer acceptance; Just About Right scale; JAR; penalty analysis; acceptance; consumer segmentation; flexitarian; meat analogue; meat substitute; online survey; plant-based protein; sustainability; vegan; vegetarian; n/a