Air Pollution Control and Sustainable Development

Pollution Control and Economic Growth

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August 2022
220 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Air Pollution Control and Sustainable Development that was published in

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This book brings together the latest research findings on the state of air pollution control and its impact on economic growth in different countries. The book has substantial content and rich discussion. It is suitable for students and researchers at different levels to learn the status of air pollution, governance policies and their effects, and the relationship between pollution control and economic growth in countries around the world.

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haze pollution; economic development quality; environmental management; PM2.5 concentration; evolutionary game; quadrilateral game; air pollution; pollution control policy; PM2.5; spatiotemporal variation; empirical orthogonal function; continuous wavelet transform; backward trajectory analysis; joint governance region; atrial fibrillation; environmental factors; binary logistic model; sustainable development; early warning; design mobile laboratory campaign; air pollution concentration; population exposure to air pollutant; air quality; spatiotemporal characteristics; urban land use; coupled relationship; Lanzhou City; air pollution; PM2.5; economic growth rate; GDP per capita; China; haze pollution; digital economy; industrial structure; spatial spillover; PM2.5; air quality; noise; silence zone area; GIS; linear regression; mechanical ventilation systems; minimum ventilation level; Korea housing; CO2 concentration; apartment ventilation; air pollution; construction industry; sustainable development goals; sustainable construction; healthy living environment; King Abdulaziz University; PM2.5; GWR; zero-carbon campus; spatial heterogeneity; PM2.5; O3; transmission pathways; backward trajectory; PSCF; CWT; global research trend; SCI-Expanded database; scientometrics; halogenated gases; climate change; ozone depletion; environmental regulations; green technology innovation; regional differences; difference-in-differences; urban form; urbanization; PM2.5; spatiotemporal characteristics; spatial autocorrelation; air pollution; sensitivity; aerosols; zero-out; Iberian Peninsula; carbon peak; carbon neutrality; export trade; embodied carbon; Logarithmic Mean Divisia Index; random forests; atmospheric circulation; air quality; machine learning; complex topography; big-data intelligent system; on-road vehicle emissions; traffic monitoring; hyperfine modelling; real-time visualization; decarbonization; bituminous coal; air quality; pollution source; monitoring; road traffic

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