Layered Double Hydroxide-Based Catalytic Materials for Sustainable Processes

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August 2022
236 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Layered Double Hydroxide-Based Catalytic Materials for Sustainable Processes that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science

Layered double hydroxides (LDHs), also known as two-dimensional anionic clays, as well as the derived materials, including hybrids, nanocomposites, mixed oxides, and supported metals, have been highlighted as outstanding heterogeneous catalysts with unlimited applications in various processes involving both acid–base (addition, alkylation, acylation, decarboxylation, etc.) and redox (oxidation, reduction, dehydrogenation, etc.) mechanisms. This is mainly due to their flexibility in chemical composition, allowing the fine tuning of the nature of the active sites and the control of the balance between them. Additionally, LDHs display a large anion exchange capacity and the possibility to modify their interlayer space, constraining the size and type of reactants entering in the interlamellar space. Furthermore, their easy and economic synthesis, with high levels of purity and efficiency, at both the laboratory and industrial scales, make LDHs and their derived materials excellent solid catalysts. This Special Issue collects original research papers, reviews, and commentaries focused on the catalytic applications of these remarkable materials.

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layered double hydroxides (LDH); polyoxometalates (POM); catalytic materials; Michael addition; cobalt-based LDHs; ultrasonic irradiation; synergistic effect; photocatalysis; nitrophenol degradation; Zn,Al-hydrotalcite; ZnO dispersed on alumina; reusability; layered double hydroxide; LDH; layered double hydroxide; catalytic oxidation; ethanol; toluene; VOC; photocatalysts; Cu electrodes; diazo dyes; electrocatalysts; layer double hydroxides; photoelectrochemical degradation; hydrotalcites; mixed oxides; aldol condensation; basic catalysts; LDH; exfoliation; nanosheets; oxidation; photocatalysts; layered double hydroxides; base catalysts; oxidation; epoxide; formaldehyde; oxidation removal; BiOCl; mixed oxides; manganese; biodiesel; layered double hydroxides; transesterification; hydrothermal; nickel; aluminum; solid base; structured catalyst; ethanol steam reforming; aluminum lathe waste strips; layered double hydroxide; Ni nanoparticle; layered double hydroxides (LDH); mechano-chemical/co-precipitation synthesis; organic alkalis (tetramethylammonium hydroxide); memory effect; Claisen-Schmidt condensation; self-cyclohexanone condensation; n/a

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