Numerical Computation, Data Analysis and Software in Mathematics and Engineering

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July 2022
272 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Numerical Computation, Data Analysis and Software in Mathematics and Engineering that was published in

Computer Science & Mathematics
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The present book contains 14 articles that were accepted for publication in the Special Issue “Numerical Computation, Data Analysis and Software in Mathematics and Engineering” of the MDPI journal Mathematics. The topics of these articles include the aspects of the meshless method, numerical simulation, mathematical models, deep learning and data analysis. Meshless methods, such as the improved element-free Galerkin method, the dimension-splitting, interpolating, moving, least-squares method, the dimension-splitting, generalized, interpolating, element-free Galerkin method and the improved interpolating, complex variable, element-free Galerkin method, are presented. Some complicated problems, such as tge cold roll-forming process, ceramsite compound insulation block, crack propagation and heavy-haul railway tunnel with defects, are numerically analyzed. Mathematical models, such as the lattice hydrodynamic model, extended car-following model and smart helmet-based PLS-BPNN error compensation model, are proposed. The use of the deep learning approach to predict the mechanical properties of single-network hydrogel is presented, and data analysis for land leasing is discussed.

This book will be interesting and useful for those working in the meshless method, numerical simulation, mathematical model, deep learning and data analysis fields.

  • Hardback
License and Copyright
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cold-roll forming; longitudinal strain; cubic spline function; cumulative chord; elastic–plastic problem; complex variable meshless method; interpolating shape function; singular weight function; complete basis function; mathematical model; leased price; total leased area; data analysis; residential land; Beijing; meshless method; dimension splitting–interpolating moving least squares (DS-IMLS) method; improved interpolating element-free Galerkin (IEFG) method; potential problem; traffic flow; two-dimensional lattice hydrodynamic model; driver’s predictive effect; finite element method; alkali-activated slag ceramsite compound insulation block; ANSYS CFX; thermal and mechanical performances; indoor thermal environment; meshless method; dimension splitting method; dimension splitting generalized interpolating element-free Galerkin method; convection–diffusion–reaction problem; deep learning; hydrogel network; mechanical property; convolutional neural network; self-avoiding walk; personnel health monitoring; construction site management; smart helmet; infrared temperature measurement; temperature error compensation; BP neural network; COVID-19; peridynamics; dual-horizon; crack propagation; variable horizon; multi-grid; car-following model; visual angle model; electronic throttle angle; stability analysis; heavy haul; railway tunnel; basement structure; dynamic response characteristics; defects; traffic flow; the lattice hydrodynamic model; control signal; strong wind; optimal estimation of flux difference integral; improved element-free Galerkin method; Helmholtz equation; penalty method; improved moving least-squares approximation; n/a

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