Expanding the Horizons of Manufacturing: Towards Wide Integration, Smart Systems and Tools

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July 2022
446 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Expanding the Horizons of Manufacturing: Towards Wide Integration, Smart Systems and Tools that was published in

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This research topic aims at enterprise-wide modeling and optimization (EWMO) through the development and application of integrated modeling, simulation and optimization methodologies, and computer-aided tools for reliable and sustainable improvement opportunities within the entire manufacturing network (raw materials, production plants, distribution, retailers, and customers) and its components. This integrated approach incorporates information from the local primary control and supervisory modules into the scheduling/planning formulation. That makes it possible to dynamically react to incidents that occur in the network components at the appropriate decision-making level, requiring fewer resources, emitting less waste, and allowing for better responsiveness in changing market requirements and operational variations, reducing cost, waste, energy consumption and environmental impact, and increasing the benefits. More recently, the exploitation of new technology integration, such as through semantic models in formal knowledge models, allows for the capture and utilization of domain knowledge, human knowledge, and expert knowledge toward comprehensive intelligent management. Otherwise, the development of advanced technologies and tools, such as cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, etc., have captured the attention of manufacturing enterprises toward intelligent manufacturing systems.

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manufacturing process; additive manufacturing; IoT; computer systems and networks; 3D printing; digital twin; Industry 4.0; pharmaceutical manufacturing; biopharmaceutical manufacturing; process modeling; mixed-integer linear programming; bin-packing problem; material requirements planning; agri-supply chain management; variable production rate; optimal resources; imperfect production; eco-efficient production; closed-loop scheduling; scheduling stability; optimal control and scheduling; fouling; heat exchanger networks; continuous manufacturing; bioprocessing; process systems engineering; single-use technology; AGV—Automated Guided Vehicles; DES—Discrete Event Simulation; FMS—Flexible Manufacturing Systems; Industry 4.0; OEE—Overall Equipment Efficiency; WCLcWorld Class Logistic; abrasive water jet; cutting; surface quality; quality prediction; 3D simulation modeling and analysis; model implementation; bottleneck analysis; production costs; resource conservation; smart manufacturing; edge computing; machine learning; blockchain; Industrial Internet of Things; inventory management; supply chain; multi-echelon; stochastic programming; reinforcement learning; pharmaceutical manufacturing; process systems engineering; Industry 4.0; digitalisation; model-based; computational engineering; process simulation; digital twin; LNG terminal; operational optimization; BOG compressor; MINLP; enterprise process architecture; new technologies integration; process intelligence; real-time monitoring; fault detection; predictive process adjustment; vacuum gripper; sensor data; Tri-X Intelligence; cyber-physical systems; human-cyber systems; intelligent systems; intelligent manufacturing; multi-parametric programming; explicit MPC; enterprise-wide optimisation; set-point tracking; algebraic geometry; continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing; model predictive control; state estimation; quality-by-control (QbC); glidant effects; plant-model mismatch; regional logistics; low-carbon economy; cloud model; comprehensive evaluation; Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region; pharmaceutical manufacture; uncertainty; operational flexibility; operational envelopes; modeling; n/a

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