Empowering Communities, Beyond Energy Scarcity BIWAES 2021 Biennial International Workshop Advances in Energy Studies

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July 2022
304 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue BIWAES 2021—Biennial International Workshop Advances in Energy Studies "Empowering Communities, Beyond Energy Scarcity" that was published in

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This book focuses on the much-needed efforts to design sustainable, well-being-oriented economies, based on appropriate energy use in all sectors of a country´s development. Carbon neutrality, energy efficiency and effectiveness, renewable energies, circular economy strategies, environmental consequences of energy use, engagement and empowerment of local communities in decision making, energy and environmental impacts of consumer behavior, and finally science-based approaches towards sustainable production and consumption are the main focus of the research activities described within this book. An effort to go beyond energy scarcity, to promote energy communities, to explore new technologies, and overall, to understand and address the population-lifestyle-energy nexus towards increased and shared well-being is the final result jointly provided by the book authors. All in all, the aim is for the book to be the starting point of a deeper research and understanding of the importance of a radical improvement in energy use in society, beyond considering energy as just a resource in the world market. Circular economy aspects are also investigated, showing the energy saving potential associated with the appropriate design and recovery of material resources.

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energy consumption for heating; CO2 emissions; income; buildings; cities; Spain; emissions; CO2; GWP; functional unit; natural gas; SOFC; optimal layout; wake effect; fluctuation; wind farm; ramping rate; energy policy investments; cost-benefit analysis; social discount rate; dual discounting; energy transition index; energy consumer; behavioural model; consumer segmentation; socioeconomic characteristics; end user profile; energy awareness; electricity; efficiency; multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis; multifractality; MLM; rolling window; smart grids; demand response; island communities; social acceptance; technology readiness; sustainability; Spain; Italy; Ireland; multi-regional input–output; nexus; trade; Belt and Road; renewable energy; potential; Indonesia; literature review; 100% renewables; scenario; energy savings; circular economy; construction and demolition waste; recycled aggregates; agri-food by-products; urban building energy model; UBEM; level of detail; LOD; shadowing; thermal zoning; s-LCA; LCA; energy communities; empowerment; energy justice; resource sustainability; exergy; exergy cost accounting; exergy cost of biological resources; decarbonisation; climate neutrality; industrial energy saving; strategic decision making; net-zero; road mapping; energy efficiency; ideal mix; sustainability strategy; energy efficiency index; n/a