Application of Power Electronics Converters in Smart Grids and Renewable Energy Systems

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June 2022
216 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Application of Power Electronics Converters in Smart Grids and Renewable Energy Systems that was published in

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This book focuses on the applications of Power Electronics Converters in smart grids and renewable energy systems. The topics covered include methods to CO2 emission control, schemes for electric vehicle charging, reliable renewable energy forecasting methods, and various power electronics converters. The converters include the quasi neutral point clamped inverter, MPPT algorithms, the bidirectional DC-DC converter, and the push–pull converter with a fuzzy logic controller.

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allied in-situ injection and production (AIIP); CO2 huff and puff; shale oil reservoirs; enhanced oil recovery; renewable energy sources; forecasting; Weibull distribution; neural networks; optimal economic dispatch; particle swarm optimization; distribution network (DN); doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG); feeder automation (FA); compatibility; adaptive control strategy (ACS); coordination technology; air-cooled condenser; mechanical draft wet-cooling towers; hot recirculation rate; complex building environment; numerical simulation; Neutral Point Clamped Z-Source Inverter (NPCZSI); shoot-through duty ratio; modulation index; voltage gain; power quality; dynamic modeling; DC-DC converter; electric vehicle (EV); charge pump capacitor; fuzzy logic control; maximum power point tracking; photovoltaic; push pull converter; off-grid voltage source inverter; medium voltage distribution network; switch station; electric vehicle; DC–DC converter; reconfiguration; orderly charging; grey wolf optimizer; electrical harmonics; harmonic estimation; total harmonic distortion; battery energy storage system; third-harmonic current injection; high efficiency; active damping