Nutrition and Human Oral Health

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June 2022
292 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Nutrition and Human Oral Health that was published in

Medicine & Pharmacology
Public Health & Healthcare

This book contains the Nutrients Special Issue "Nutrition and Human Oral Health" edited by Dr. Kirstin Vach and Prof. Dr. Johan Woelber. It includes 18 wonderful publications that provide an outline of current scientific work in the field of nutritional dentistry.

  • Hardback
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severe caries; tooth decay; dental; early childhood; early childhood caries; malnutrition; undernutrition; stunting; growth and development; Punica granatum; Vaccinium myrtillus; Aronia melanocarpa; punicalagin; cyanidin 3-glucoside and hyperoside; Streptococcus mutans; Streptococcus sobrinus; photosensitizer; antimicrobial photodynamic treatment; compositional data; ratio fractions; nutrition; microbiome; oral health; pellicle; linseed oil; fatty acid; ultrastructure; in situ; malnutrition; undernutrition; oral health; dental status; older people; elderly people; systematic review; oral health; dental caries; diet therapy; dentists; dental auxiliaries; nutritionists; dietitian; surveys and questionnaires; qualitative research; review; periodontitis; periodontal diseases; scaling and root planning; diet; dietary protein; Inula viscosa; initial adhesion; colony-forming units (CFU); live/dead staining; fluorescence microscopy; dietary patterns; nutrition; oral health; periodontal disease; clinical attachment loss; DMFT; ketogenic diet; periodontal inflammation; gingivitis; oral health; periodontal; bone loss; LDL; vitamin D; CBCT; radiographic bone loss; sarcopenic dysphagia; sarcopenia; dysphagia; malnutrition; oral health; osteoporosis; elderly; probiotic; periodontal disease; gingivitis; periodontitis; oral health; clinical parameters; prevention; therapeutics; diet; oral health; questionnaires; erosion; young adults; tooth wear; dentistry; dentistry; gingivitis; inflammation; Mediterranean diet; periodontology; caries; nutrition; oral health; stable isotope analysis; bioarcheology; n/a; n/a