Sensors and Systems for Indoor Positioning

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May 2022
246 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Sensors and Systems for Indoor Positioning that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Environmental & Earth Sciences

This reprint is a reprint of the articles that appeared in Sensors' (MDPI) Special Issue on “Sensors and Systems for Indoor Positioning". The published original contributions focused on systems and technologies to enable indoor applications.

  • Hardback
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acoustic diffraction; acoustic signal aberration; cross-correlation aberration; ultrasonic ranging; visible light communication; indoor positioning system; fingerprint positioning; weighted K-nearest neighbor; distance metric; ultrasonic transducers; time of flight estimation; pulse-echo technique; ferroelectric films; piezopolymer; infrared sensor; angle of arrival; indoor localization; wireless sensor networks; navigation; reinforcement learning; 3D indoor positioning; visible light positioning; Wi-Fi positioning; navigation; location fingerprinting; RSSI-based positioning; probabilistic approach; information service; book tracking; fingerprint-based indoor positioning; clustering; RSSI; CNN; presence detection; passive localization; room impulse response; acoustic localization; indoor localization; ultrasonic ranging; frequency dependent attenuation; ultrasonic signal; cyber-physical system; Industry 4.0; internet-of-reader; IREAD 4.0; radio frequency identification; RFID classification method; smart gate; smart forklift; smart warehouse; extended Kalman filter; localization; time of arrival; carrier phase; ambiguity resolution; n/a