Risk Mitigation, Vulnerability Management and Resilience under Disasters

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May 2022
222 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Risk Mitigation, Vulnerability Management and Resilience under Disasters that was published in

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The Special Issue (SI) discusses the topic of Disaster Risk Management and its cornerstones: vulnerability reduction and resilience building. The focus of the SI is the impact of risk information, communication and representation, risk knowledge as related to science and practice, risk perception and awareness, and risk culture on multi-faceted vulnerability and several aspects of resilience.

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disaster risk; vulnerability; monitoring; risk assessment; disaster management; UN-ISDR; SDGs; telluric risks; climate-related risks; risk awareness; risk management; volcanic islands; alternative action organizations; environmental activism; solidarity; Europe; crisis; sustainability; alternative consumerism; alternative lifestyles; action organization analysis; exposure; vulnerability; systemic vulnerability; risk-sensitive spatial development; multi-risk; seismic crisis; seismic emergency information and communication; uncertainty; risk perception; governance culture; Greece; Japan; seismic risk management; disaster risk awareness; migrants; disaster preparedness; earthquake; flood; Italy; Turkey; Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis; AHP; GIS; flood-hazard; Megalo Rema; Eastern Attica; elderly; pandemic; corpus-assisted discourse studies; media coverage; compromise; disaster risk reduction (DRR); motor of change; setting priorities; strategic focus; teleology; fire prevention; fire statistics; forest fires; public participation; n/a