Mathematics in Software Reliability and Quality Assurance

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May 2022
218 pages
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  • ISBN978-3-0365-3800-6 (PDF)

This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Mathematics in Software Reliability and Quality Assurance that was published in

Computer Science & Mathematics
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This monograph concerns the mathematical aspects of software reliability and quality assurance and consists of 11 technical papers in this emerging area. Included are the latest research results related to formal methods and design, automatic software testing, software verification and validation, coalgebra theory, automata theory, hybrid system and software reliability modeling and assessment.

  • Hardback
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fuzzy automata; coalgebra; fuzzy language; bisimulation; composition; test data generation; genetic algorithm; specification-based testing; regression testing; mutation testing; eventual property; model checking; Maude; textual question answering; visual question answering; metamorphic testing; metamorphic relations; quality assessment; software rejuvenation; checkpointing; optimal rejuvenation-trigger timing; steady-state system availability; phase expansion; human-error factors; petri net; concurrent software systems; model-checking; data-flows; software reliability model; maximum likelihood estimation; EM algorithm; non-homogeneous Poisson process; generalized failure count data; moth flame optimization; island-based model; feature selection; software defect prediction; software reliability; search-based test case generation; genetic algorithm; branch coverage; object-oriented; software reliability; deep learning; long short-term memory; project similarity and clustering; cross-project prediction; Nervos CKB; consensus protocol; model checking; UPPAAL