New Insights into Food Fermentation

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April 2022
226 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue New Insights into Food Fermentation that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
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This reprint is dedicated to new insights into food fermentation. The goal of this reprint was to broaden the current knowledge on advanced approaches concerning food fermentation, gathering studies on conventional and unconventional food matrix fermentation, functional compounds obtained through fermentation, fermentations increasing quality and safety standards, as well as papers presenting innovative approaches shedding light on the microbial community that characterizes fermented foods.

  • Hardback
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traditional alcoholic beverage; Ethiopia; processing; physicochemical; fermentative microorganisms; Arthrospira platensis; fermentation; lactic acid bacteria; food supplement; aromatic profile; L. plantarum EM; rice bran fermentation; cholesterol removal; antimicrobial activity; sensory quality; lactofermentation; probiotic; date fruit bars; functional snack; polyphenols; Grana Padano cheese; generical hard cheeses; bacterial diversity; DNA metabarcoding; DNA (meta)fingerprinting; predictive models; neural network; swine and pork production chain; Hepatitis E virus; Rotavirus-A; metagenomic analysis; food safety; ethnobiology; ethnozymology; fermentation; Mesoamerican biocultural heritage; traditional food systems; thyme microcapsules; Proteus bacillus; histamine; histidine decarboxylation pathway; smoked horsemeat sausage; fermented fish; Proteus; lipase; volatile compounds; aldehydes; esters; natto; nattokinase; combination fermentation; thrombolytic property; fish sauce; biogenic amines; microbial community dynamics; starter; correlation analysis; natural fermentation; dry fermented sausages; microbial biodiversity; lactic acid bacteria; CNC; 16S metagenomics; red radish; cabbage; fermented foods; microbial ecology; flavor components; n/a