Effects of Species Introduction on Aquatic Communities

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March 2022
80 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Effects of Species Introduction on Aquatic Communities that was published in

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Freshwater ecosystems are deeply affected by human pressure, such as species introduction, which remains a major concern for these ecosystems. The arrival of new species can have different ecological effects, and sometimes leads to biological invasions and adverse impacts. Introduced species establish new interactions (e.g., predation, competition) with the recipient community. These can modify the aquatic community’s structure, composition, and functions. Understanding these interactions remains a key concern in conservation biology.  This Special Issue of Water aims to explore these topics.

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aquatic communities; direct/indirect interactions; ecological impacts; species introduction; stable isotope analysis; trophic levels; fisheries economics; invasive species; Pterygoplichthys; suckermouth armored catfishes; tilapia; diversity; profit index; Simpson’s diversity; fish; non-native species; biological invasion; radio telemetry; migration; sex-dependent; homing; Veneroida; biological invasion; Ireland; mtCOI; microsatellites; morphology; freshwaters; pikeperch; trophic ecology; diet specialization; non-native fish