The Future of Medicine: Frontiers in Integrative Health and Medicine

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March 2022
180 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue The Future of Medicine: Frontiers in Integrative Health and Medicine that was published in

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Contemporary healthcare trends indicate that many chronic and communicable diseases are related to lifestyle, stress, personal choices and systemic factors. In response to the shortfalls of modern medicine regarding the prevention of these diseases and the promotion of whole-person health, providers and consumers worldwide are exploring integrative, natural and complementary approaches to prevention, treatment and health promotion. These trends harbor the future of medicine.

The issues of clinician burnout, high rates of adverse effects, high cost, and lack of rigorous methods to promote individual and collective immunity are addressed by leading physicians and scientists from around the world. The original research and reviews in this volume investigate efficacy, molecular mechanisms and hypotheses that suggest that traditional systems of medicine and health, e.g., Ayurveda, yoga, traditional Chinese medicine, and mind–body–lifestyle medicine, may offer preventive and cost-effective solutions to contemporary health care challenges.

Integrating innovative health approaches with conventional medicine offers a whole system of medicine that encompasses the individual, family, community and environment—from single person to planetary health.

  • Hardback
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asthma; diagnosis; treatment strategies; oxidative stress; antioxidants; microbiome; Ayurveda; gut bacteria; diet; lifestyle; disease; prevention; integrative medicine; Ayurgenomics; Ayurveda; genomics; P4 medicine; diet; lifestyle; disease; prevention; personalized medicine; Ayurveda; epigenetics; genotype; phenotype; Prakriti; doshas; meditation; focused attention; open monitoring; Transcendental Meditation; antiviral; medicinal plants; pandemic; SARS-CoV-2; zoonotic virus; Artemisia; Artemisinin; ARTs; phytochemicals; SARS-CoV-2; chronic stress; transcendental meditation; gene expression; energy metabolism; biological aging; epigenetic effects; allostatic load; integrative medicine; complementary medicine; plastic surgery; anthroposophic medicine; pandemic and women; women and heart disease; psychological effects of pandemic; cardiac prevention; risk of heart disease in women; hypercholesterolemia; ayurveda; ayurvedic herbs; systematic review; meta-analysis; integrative health; whole-person health; systems research; reductionism; complementary and alternative medicine; healing; healthcare transformation; overview; stroke; diet; vegetarian; vegan; Ayurveda; dosha; prakriti; integrative nutrition; n/a

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