Emerging Trends in Beverage Processing

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February 2022
128 pages
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Emerging Trends in Beverage Processing describes several non-thermal emerging technologies and biotechnologies. The use of non-thermal technologies represnts the future of food processing because due to the ability of such technologies to increase the shelf life, preserving nutritional and sensory quality. This book considers several promising technologies, such as: hyperbaric storage, ultrasound, high pressure homogeneization, pulsed light, cold plasma and pulsed electric fields, together with other emerging biotechnologies.

  • Hardback
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red wine; thermovinification; flash-release; pulsed electric fields; ultrasound; hyperbaric storage; high pressure; food preservation; fruit juice; atmospheric pressure cold plasma; continuous flow; batch; Argon; red wine; color; high pressure homogenization (HPH); wine technology; microbial inactivation; ageing on lees; yeast autolysis; minerality; partial least squares regression; predictive model; white wine; red wine; malolactic fermentation; Lactobacillus plantarum; Oenococcus oeni; facultative hetero-fermentative; starter cultures; antimicrobial; food technology; non-Saccharomyces; enzymatic activity; wine quality; n/a