Mining Technologies Innovative Development

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February 2022
362 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Mining Technologies Innovative Development that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Environmental & Earth Sciences
Physical Sciences

The present book covers the main challenges, important for future prospects of subsoils extraction as a public effective and profitable business, as well as technologically advanced industry. In the near future, the mining industry must overcome the problems of structural changes in raw materials demand and raise the productivity up to the level of high-tech industries to maintain the profits. This means the formation of a comprehensive and integral response to such challenges as the need for innovative modernization of mining equipment and an increase in its reliability, the widespread introduction of Industry 4.0 technologies in the activities of mining enterprises, the transition to "green mining" and the improvement of labor safety and avoidance of man-made accidents. The answer to these challenges is impossible without involving a wide range of scientific community in the publication of research results and exchange of views and ideas. To solve the problem, this book combines the works of researchers from the world's leading centers of mining science on the development of mining machines and mechanical systems, surface and underground geotechnology, mineral processing, digital systems in mining, mine ventilation and labor protection, and geo-ecology. A special place among them is given to post-mining technologies research.

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underground mining; ventilation systems; methane release hazard; spontaneous combustion hazard; safety; copper ore comminution; hydro-jet mill; high-pressure water jet; deep underground min; IoT devices; smartphone; gas hazards; Industry 4.0 in mining; ball mills; energy efficiency; internal dynamics; DEM model; resonance oscillations; measurements; drilling rig; process monitoring; operational cycles; sound measurement; electric current acquisition; threshold-based segmentation; envelope spectrum; safety function; electro-hydraulic control system; powered roof support; textile conveyor belts; multiply conveyor belts; multiply belt splices; laboratory splice tests; fluid coupling; ball mill; electric motor; drive system; grinding; energetic efficiency; surface mining; mining equipment; multiple criteria decision making (MCDM); ELECTRE III; thermal imaging; belt conveyor; diagnostics; underground mining; mechanical failure; preventative maintenance; well reamer; rock mass; intensification of production; nonlinear law; completion of wells; innovative technology; UAV; acoustic signal processing; Euclidean distance; underground mine; search and rescue; drilling; pipe; drill bit; manufacturing error; material; model; elastic modulus; computational fluid dynamics; numerical model geometry; laser scanning; machine diagnostics; LHD; engine oil pressure data; oil pump wear; statistical analysis; convergence functions; numerical modeling; high horizontal stress; excavations stability assessment; mobile laser scanning; Velodyne LiDAR; Riegl scanning system; open pit mine; underground laboratory; new ways of mine reclamation; sustainability; circular economy; radar interferometry; subsidence trough; automatic detection; mathematical morphology; n/a

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