The Modifications of Metallic and Inorganic Materials by Using Energetic Ion/Electron Beams

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February 2022
280 pages
  • ISBN978-3-0365-3095-6 (Hardback)
  • ISBN978-3-0365-3094-9 (PDF)

This book is a reprint of the Special Issue The Modifications of Metallic and Inorganic Materials by Using Energetic Ion/Electron Beams that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Physical Sciences

This book consists of original and review papers which describe basic and applied studies for the modifications of metallic and inorganic materials by using energetic ion/electron beams. When materials are irradiated with energetic charged particles (ions /electrons), their energies are transferred to electrons and atoms in materials, and the lattice structures of the materials are largely changed to metastable or non-thermal-equilibrium states, modifying several physical properties. Such phenomena will engage the interest of researchers as a basic science, and can also be used as promising tools for adding new functionalities to existing materials and for the development of novel materials. The papers in this book cover the ion/electron-beam-induced modifications of several properties (optical, electronic, magnetic, mechanical, and chemical properties) and lattice structures. This book will, therefore, be useful for many scientists and engineers who have been involved in fundamental material science and the industrial applications of metallic and inorganic materials.

  • Hardback
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swift heavy ion; YAG (Y3Al5O12); refractive index profiling; synergy effect; optical waveguide; swift heavy ion; hillocks; ion tracks; ion irradiation; TEM; vanadium alloy; ion irradiation; irradiation hardening; radiation damage; electron irradiation; metal surface; sputtering; groove; hole; self-organization; pattern; laser photocathode; pulsed electron sources; pulsed transmission electron microscope; ion beam; copper oxide; chromatic change; photoemission spectrum; beam viewer; light water reactor; zirconium alloys; nuclear fuel cladding; thermal desorption spectroscopy; transmission electron microscopy; high energy irradiation; ion track overlapping; oxides; Monte Carlo simulation for two-dimensional images; lattice structures and magnetic states; binomial and Poisson distribution functions; ion accelerators at WERC; ion beam; irradiation effects on space electronics; single event; total ionization dose; displacement damage; solar cell; space application; irradiation test; beam condition; degradation; standardization; ISO; high-Tc superconductors; critical current density; flux pinning; heavy-ion irradiation; columnar defects; anisotropy; superconductor; irradiation; critical current; cerium oxide; CeO2; irradiation; swift heavy ions; phase transition; electron irradiation; partially stabilized zirconia; XRD; radiation simulation; ion-track etching; electrodeposition; micro/nano-sized metal cones; template synthesis; electrocatalyst; electron irradiation; excited reaction field; transmission electron microscope; nanomaterials; manipulation; nanostructure; Al; Al2O3; accelerator-driven system (ADS); liquid metal corrosion (LMC); lead–bismuth eutectic (LBE); self-ion irradiation; oxygen concentration in LBE; irradiation effect on corrosion behavior; electronic excitation; lattice disordering; sputtering; electron–lattice coupling; nanopore structure; ceria; irradiation; molecular dynamics; simulation; structural analysis; defects; n/a

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