Micro/Nano Manufacturing

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December 2017
190 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Micro/Nano Manufacturing that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Physical Sciences
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microlens array; beam homogenization; surface profile error; microfabrication; doubly-clamped beam; process variations; FE analysis; Bosch process; yield prediction; incremental microforming; ultrasonic spindle; shin shell micropyramid; metallic foil; forming limit; shape accuracy; electrochemical machining (ECM); scanning micro electrochemical flow cell (SMEFC); micro-ECM; channel machining; micromixing; split and recombine; rapid manufacture; xurography; laser ablation; micro-fabrication; mini- and micro-nozzles; stainless steels; plasma nitriding; inner surfaces; hollow cathode device; nitrogen interstitials; hardness; drop test; impact analysis; reliability; haptic actuator; linear resonant actuator (LRA); multi-stage micro part production; linked parts; diameter adaptive guides; slurry availability; slurry injection system; slurry injection position; chemical mechanical planarization; CMP; slurry utilization efficiency; nanostructures; hot embossing; injection molding; polymer; 3D; steel; mold; wettability; immunoassay; micro milling; finite element; run-out; chip formation; cutting force; cutting temperature; 3D simulation; measurement; replica technology; roughness; micromilling; surface metrology; dimensional micro metrology; micro sintering; field assisted sintering technique; hot isostatic pressing; micro gears; computed tomography; dimensional accuracy; porosity analysis; n/a