Differential/Difference Equations

Mathematical Modeling, Oscillation and Applications

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November 2021
285 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Differential/Difference Equations: Mathematical Modeling, Oscillation and Applications that was published in

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The study of oscillatory phenomena is an important part of the theory of differential equations. Oscillations naturally occur in virtually every area of applied science including, e.g., mechanics, electrical, radio engineering, and vibrotechnics. This Special Issue includes 19 high-quality papers with original research results in theoretical research, and recent progress in the study of applied problems in science and technology. This Special Issue brought together mathematicians with physicists, engineers, as well as other scientists. Topics covered in this issue: Oscillation theory; Differential/difference equations; Partial differential equations; Dynamical systems; Fractional calculus; Delays; Mathematical modeling and oscillations.
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odd-order differential equations; Kneser solutions; oscillatory solutions; deviating argument; fourth order; differential equation; oscillation; oscillation; advanced differential equations; p-Laplacian equations; comparison theorem; oscillation criteria; thrid-order; delay differential equations; advanced differential equations; oscillations; Riccati transformations; fourth-order delay equations; differential operator; unit disk; univalent function; analytic function; subordination; q-calculus; fractional calculus; fractional differential equation; q-differential equation; deviating argument; second order; neutral differential equation; oscillation; (1/G′)-expansion method; the Zhiber-Shabat equation; (G′/G,1/G)-expansion method; traveling wave solutions; exact solutions; odd-order differential equations; Kneser solutions; oscillation criteria; Adomian decomposition method; Caputo operator; Natural transform; Fornberg–Whitham equations; generalized proportional fractional operator; oscillation criteria; nonoscillatory behavior; damping and forcing terms; Volterra integral equations; operational matrix of integration; multi-wavelets; time scales; functional dynamic equations; second order; oscillation criteria; highly oscillatory integral; Chebyshev polynomial; nearly singular; Levin quadrature rule; adaptive mesh refinement; la Cierva’s autogiro; la Cierva’s equation; stability; differential equation with periodic coefficients; interpolating scaling functions; hyperbolic equation; Galerkin method; higher-order; neutral delay; oscillation; center of mass; conformal metric; geodesic; hyperbolic lever law; non-canonical differential equations; second-order; neutral delay; mixed type; oscillation criteria