Advances in Postharvest Process Systems

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November 2021
214 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Advances in Postharvest Process Systems that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
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This Special Issue presents a range of recent technologies and innovations to help the agricultural and food industry to manage and minimize postharvest losses, enhance reliability and sustainability, and generate high-quality products that are both healthy and appealing to consumers. It focuses on three main topics of food storage and preservation technologies, food processing technologies, and the applications of advanced mathematical modelling and computer simulations. This presentation of the latest research and information is particularly useful for people who are working in or associated with the fields of agriculture, the agri-food chain and technology development and promotion.

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persimmon fruit; drying methods; computational intelligence methods; artificial neural network model; support vector machine model; k-nearest neighbors; milk quality; high pressure processing; pasteurization; milk storage; shelf life; bulk hazelnut kernels; mechanical properties; heating temperature; oil efficiency; relaxation process; common beans; beans classification; hard-to-cook; bean softening; piper nigrum; dimensions; mass; maturity levels; modelling; food security; food quality; agricultural production; crop storage and processing; food distribution; smart digital technology; industry 4.0; refrigeration; deterioration; cavitation; dosage; hurdle technology; microorganisms; nonthermal; decontamination; bulk weight; hop cones size distribution; chemical analysis; energy consumption; postharvest storage; food packaging and shelf-life; bitter kola; food preservation; alligator pepper; underutilized seeds; cassava; storage; PPD; starch; shelf-life; postharvest losses; biorational pesticides; chemical profile; fumigant toxicity; modeling; optimization; S. hortensis; S. intermedia; n/a