Host Immune Responses and Pathogenesis to Brucella spp. Infection

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November 2021
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Host Immune Responses and Pathogenesis to Brucella spp. Infection that was published in

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Brucellosis, caused by the facultative intracellular bacteria Brucella species, is one the most prevalent zoonosis worldwide.• The articles described in this book report several aspects of host-Brucella interactions.• The findings described here will help to advance in the comprehension of bacterial pathogenesis and contribute to the future development of drugs or vaccines to control brucellosis.

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Recombinant vaccine; divalent vaccine; brucellosis; Omp25; L7/L12; Brucella abortus 544; ST2 receptor; Brucella abortus; oral infection; Brucella abortus; human endometrial cells; internalization; intracellular replication; decidualization; chemokines; macrophages; Brucella; HSC; MHC; IL-10; Brucella; cell cycle; (p)ppGpp; rsh; Brucella abortus; neurobrucellosis; platelets; brain microvascular endothelial cells; endothelial cells; Brucella; adhesins; Ig-like domain; monomeric autotransporters; trimeric autotransporters; extracellular matrix; polar localization; virulence factors; vaccine candidates; fibronectin; brucellosis; canonical inflammasome; non-canonical inflammasome; NLR; pyroptosis; ASC; caspase-11; caspase-1; IL-1β; gDNA; Brucella; replication niche; reservoir; persistence; survival; chronic infection; n/a