Nutraceuticals in Immune Function

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October 2021
378 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Nutraceuticals in Immune Function that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Medicine & Pharmacology

Nutraceuticals are products derived from food sources with health benefits in addition to their basic nutritional values. Many of them can positively affect and enhance the immune system, which is particularly pertinent in the current turbulent times of COVID-19. Not surprisingly, nutraceutical sales rose dramatically during the pandemic period. However, much research is still needed to understand how natural products interact with the immune system to clarify their chemical compositions, mechanisms of action, and effects on health and illnesses. This Special Issue provided an open forum for researchers to share their research findings in the growing interest in nutraceuticals. We received an overwhelming response with a total of 33 submissions, of which only nine original research papers and ten reviews were accepted after rigorous peer-review. The included articles research into natural substances of interest in nutraceuticals ranging from herbal medicine to vitamins to microbiota-derived metabolites. The investigated immune-related responses include cancer, neurological diseases, gastroenterological disorders, inflammatory conditions, and infections.

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rhein; cancer; phytochemical; molecular targets; chemoprevention; chemotherapy; hormesis; hormetic; ginseng; biphasic; neuroprotection; aging; Alzheimer’s Disease; Parkinson’s Disease; wound healing; preconditioning; thymol; hormetic effect; cancerous cells; healthy cells; glucosamine; cognition; BDNF; PKA; cannabidiol; fatty acids; heparin; histamine; irritable bowel syndrome; mast cells; nerve growth factor; nutraceuticals; polyphenols; visceral pain; astaxanthin; oxidative stress; anti-inflammatory; inflammation-associated diseases; COVID-19; infectious disease; selenium; virus; vitamin C; vitamin D; peripheral nerve injury; vitamin B complex; neuroinflammation; macrophages; Schwann cells; microbiota; atherosclerosis; innate immunity; microbiome metabolites; macrophage; resveratrol; absorption and metabolism; anti-inflammation; antioxidant; mechanism; casein; whey; TGF-β; fibroblasts; epithelial cells; oral health; nutrition; muscle; muscular dystrophy; mdx; resveratrol; nutraceuticals; duchenne; inflammation; β-carotene; gastric epithelial cells; Helicobacter pylori; invasion; matrix metalloproteinases; peroxisome-proliferator activator receptor-γ; reactive oxygen species; Korean red ginseng; ginsenoside Rg3; bronchial epithelial cell; mucin; transcription factor; complementary therapy; BioBran; MGN-3; rice bran exo-biopolymer; functional food; nutraceuticals; functional foods; anti-cancer; anti-inflammation; antioxidant activity; anti-lipid activity; nutraceuticals safety and toxicity; cytokines; house dust mite; lycopene; Toll-like receptor 4; reactive oxygen species; respiratory epithelial cells; sulforaphane; type I interferons; STING; interferon signature; GSTM1; coffee; enteric glial cells; glia; inflammatory bowel disease; irritable bowel syndrome; neuropathic pain; nutraceuticals; quercetin; resveratrol; n/a

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