Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Liquids and Crystals

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September 2021
172 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Liquids and Crystals that was published in

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This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue “Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Liquids and Crystals” that was published in Entropy (MDPI). The articles collected in the book deal with some topical trends in the statistical physics of condensed-matter systems. Such contributions provide an indication of the variety of problems that can arise in the study of strongly correlated particles, giving at the same time a representative account of the methods employed in this widespread field of research.

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equation of state; hard hyperspheres; fluid mixtures; entropy generation rate; thermal plume; mixed boundary conditions; heat transfer; entropy multiparticle correlation expansion; one- and two-body density functions; one- and two-body entropy; core-shell particles; liquid interfaces; triangular lattice; thermodynamics; ground states; structure; line tension; phase coexistence; competing interaction; fluctuations; ultracold quantum gases; quantum phase transitions; decoupling approximation; spherical boundary conditions; quantum triplets; path integral Monte Carlo; closures; quantum hard spheres; fluid–solid transition; FCC solid; cI16 solid; nanodroplet aerosols; the effective Hamiltonian; surface energy; atom–nanodroplet interaction energy; interaction energy of two nanodroplets; size dependence; adhesion energy of a molecular complex and a liquid nanodroplet; molecular self-assembly; amphiphilic aggregates; spherical boundary conditions; n/a