Kinematics and Robot Design I, KaRD2018

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August 2021
230 pages
  • ISBN978-3-0365-1018-7 (Hardback)
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Kinematics and Robot Design I, KaRD2018 that was published in

Computer Science & Mathematics

This volume collects the papers published on the Special Issue “Kinematics and Robot Design I, KaRD2018” (, which is the first issue of the KaRD Special Issue series, hosted by the open access journal “MDPI Robotics”.The KaRD series aims at creating an open environment where researchers can present their works and discuss all the topics focused on the many aspects that involve kinematics in the design of robotic/automatic systems. Kinematics is so intimately related to the design of robotic/automatic systems that the admitted topics of the KaRD series practically cover all the subjects normally present in well-established international conferences on “mechanisms and robotics”.KaRD2018 received 22 papers and, after the peer-review process, accepted only 14 papers. The accepted papers cover some theoretical and many design/applicative aspects.

  • Hardback
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cable driven robot; performance index; Wrench Exertion Capability; snake robot; snake scale; scale geometry; friction ratio; serpentine motion; hexapod; self-motion; spatial symmetric rolling; plane-symmetric motion; Duporcq manipulator; accuracy analysis; optimal design; multi-objective evolutionary algorithms; NSGA-II; 6-UCU kind Gough-Stewart platform; parallel kinematic machine; kinematic optimisation; hardware in the loop; mechatronic design; manipulators; trajectory planning; kinematic constraints; optimization; viability; inverse kinematics; parallel robot; reconfigurable joint; flexible robotics; mechanism; kinematics; parallel robot; Shoenflies-motion generator; dimensional synthesis; kinetostatic performances; conditioning index; projective angles; spherical PKM; direct kinematics; inverse kinematics; nonlinear flexible beams; discrete modeling; underactuated robots; optimal preshaping input; spacecraft; robotics; dual quaternions; kinematics; aerial robotics; quadcopters; UAVs; dual-tilting; tilting rotors; over-actuation; flight control; rotorcraft; adaptive; balancing; counterweight; mechatronic system; robot; timing belt; belt stiffness; dynamic system modeling; mechatronic systems; 3D printers; robotics

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