Advances in Nanomaterials in Biomedicine

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July 2021
472 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Advances in Nanomaterials in Biomedicine that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Advances in Nanomaterials in Biomedicine” provided a platform for more than 110 researchers from different countries to present their latest investigations in various fields of nanotechnology, new methods and nanomaterials intended for medical applications. Modern achievements in the field of nanoparticle-based diagnostics, drug delivery and the use of various nanomaterials in the treatment of diseases are presented in 11 original articles. The published reviews provide a comprehensive analysis of the current information on the use of nanomedicine in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer and liver fibrosis, in the field of solid tissue engineering and in drug delivery systems.
  • Hardback
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bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells; rAAV vectors; carbon dots; SOX9; TGF-β; cartilage repair; silver nanoparticles; Entada spiralis; Ceiba pentandra; antibacterial assay; catalytic dye reduction; osteoarthritis; human articular cartilage; rAAV vectors; SOX9; polymeric micelles; pro-inflammatory cytokines; IL-1β; TNF-α; nanomaterials; nanomedicine; immunotherapy; oncotherapy; immune-checkpoint inhibitors; immunogenic cell death; nano-vaccines; nano-conjugates; immune response; oxidative stress; antioxidants; nanoparticles; biological nano-antioxidants; gold nanoparticles; radiation; chemotherapy; radiosensitizer; drug delivery system; chemoradiotherapy; magnetoliposomes; hydrogels; magnetolipogels; self-assembly; fluorescence; Förster resonance energy transfer; polypropylenimine dendrimers; polyethylenimines; tyrosine-modified polypropylene-imines; tyrosine-modified polyethlyenimines; PPI-Y; siRNA transfection; polymeric nanoparticles; carbosilane; dendron; triazine; amphiphile; self-assembly; vesicles; pH-sensitive; doxorubicin; methotrexate; leukaemia; molecular ultrasound; nanobubbles; active targeting; targeted microbubbles; angiogenesis; inflammation; thrombosis; clinical translation; molecular imaging; nanomedicine; liver fibrosis; diagnosis; therapy; theranostics; targeted drug delivery; lipid conjugates; amphiphilic oligonucleotides; self-assembly; phosphoryl guanidines; nucleic acid delivery; leukemia; iron nanoparticles; RNA-Seq; cytotoxicity; polymers; biodegradable; nanoparticles; drug delivery; pharmaceutical; SQUID; magnetic properties; iron content; magnetite nanoparticles; superoxide; aorta; heart; nano-biomaterials; nanotechnology; scaffolds; hard tissue engineering; AuNPs; AuPEI-NPs; AuBSA-NPs; electron microscopy; ultrastructure of HepG2 cells and spheroids; ultrastructure of HEK293 cells and spheroids; penetration of NPs into monolayer and spheroids; gold nanostars; photothermal therapy; photoacoustic imaging; computed tomography; nanoparticles; cancer; theranostic agents; nanotechnology; nanomedicine; biocompatible nanomaterials; diagnostics; nanocarriers; targeted drug delivery; tissue engineering