Smart Urban Water Networks

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July 2021
358 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Smart Urban Water Networks that was published in

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This book presents the paper form of the Special Issue (SI) on Smart Urban Water Networks. The number and topics of the papers in the SI confirm the growing interest of operators and researchers for the new paradigm of smart networks, as part of the more general smart city. The SI showed that digital information and communication technology (ICT), with the implementation of smart meters and other digital devices, can significantly improve the modelling and the management of urban water networks, contributing to a radical transformation of the traditional paradigm of water utilities. The paper collection in this SI includes different crucial topics such as the reliability, resilience, and performance of water networks, innovative demand management, and the novel challenge of real-time control and operation, along with their implications for cyber-security. The SI collected fourteen papers that provide a wide perspective of solutions, trends, and challenges in the contest of smart urban water networks. Some solutions have already been implemented in pilot sites (i.e., for water network partitioning, cyber-security, and water demand disaggregation and forecasting), while further investigations are required for other methods, e.g., the data-driven approaches for real time control. In all cases, a new deal between academia, industry, and governments must be embraced to start the new era of smart urban water systems.

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hydraulic modelling; pressure control valve; pressure management; remote real-time control; stochastic consumption; water distribution system; fault identification; hydraulic transient; inverse transient analysis (ITA); water distribution network; optimization approach; water distribution monitoring; optimal sensor placement; water network partitioning; topological centrality; smart water system; framework; smartness; cyber wellness; water distribution network; leakage; optimal sensor placement; sensitivity; uncertainty; entropy; multi-criteria decision-making; DEMATEL; clustering; district metered area; network sectorization; water distribution network; water network partitioning; smart city; water quality monitoring; Internet of Things; wireless sensor networks; water treatment plant; data analytics; nitrate; nitrite; water demand forecasting; hybrid model; error correction; chaotic time series; least square support vector machine; cross-correlation; data spatial aggregation; finite population effect; metering; sample mean; sampling design; standard error; stochastic analysis; water demand peak factor; water distribution networks; comparative analysis; hydraulic measure; multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA); reliability index; water distribution network (WDN); smart stormwater; machine learning; cluster analysis; data science; flooding detection; rainwater harvesting; water trading; dual reticulation; decentralized water supply; water distribution system; agent-based modeling; urban water management; smart city; urban water consumption; water demand data; water data accessibility; data resolution; smart meter; smart water systems; cyber–physical security; cyber-security; cyber–physical attacks; n/a; water distribution systems; cyber-attack detection; blind sources separation; FastICA

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